What Makes A Quality Blog Post

When making a blog post you need to have some things in mind. Some of these things are your title the title is important it is what catches the reader’s attention and explains what the post will be about. Organizing your post is key to making it look and be understandable keep things in a sensible order do you tell a story from end to beginning? No I didn’t think so you should do the same with your blog it can get confusing and a reader might even quit reading your post. Pictures in your post might help spark your reader into reading more about your post and maybe try it themselves (P.s if it is something dangerous put a disclaimer). Proofread your post read it silently to yourself while mouthing the words it will help you catch grammar and comma mistakes and correct your punctuation. Be sure not to reveal to much about yourself just little details like what country you live in that keeps you safe and anonymous.

One thought on “What Makes A Quality Blog Post

  1. Hello, this week’s post had to be a reflection not a post about what makes a quality post but the information you give is useful and you do have a good blog just next time please read the instructions.
    Your friend

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