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I created my avatar using cartoonify an online personal avatar creator which gives you the option of your head shape, eyebrows, eye color, and hair color. I feel that my avatar looks a lot like me  I have blond hair and blue eyes and I like the jacket I like the color green a lot because it reminds me of a toy I had when I was little.

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Ms. Halbert. I am a retired teacher and commenter for the blogging challenge. Your avatar is very cool. Did you have fun creating it? You mentioned that the color of the jacket reminded you of a toy you had when you were younger and it made me curious about what that toy was! What kinds of things do you like to do in your spare time? I look forward to reading more of your posts during the challenge!
    Ms. Halbert

    1. Hello, I had quite a few toys when I was little as I grew up around my grandparents so it is hard to pinpoint which toy it was. My grandparents raised me to be kind and help people. I like to dirt bikes and have done so with my stepdad who is the only real father I have as I have never meet or desired to meet my biological father, I am in Boy Scouts and have done it for the past 2 years among my other hobbies is basketball which I have been doing since I was 5.

      1. Thanks for answering my questions. Your grandparents sound like great people. I have never been dirt biking. It sounds like fun. Do you ever get to go camping with the boy scouts?
        Have a great day!
        Ms. Halbert

        1. No problem. I like to dirt bike it is easily is my favorite hobby I have only been doing so since I was 6 and my mom and step dad got together. In Boy Scouts we go camping 1 or 2 times a month my personal favorite trip was our snow trip where we traveled 1 and a half hours to Yosemite Falls and made snow huts (it took us close to 4 hours to build all of them there where 2 to sleep in each hut) we built the huts by taking our shovels and shoveled snow into 4 big piles, each of us had matches so we grabbed the dry wood we brought with us so we wouldn’t make a lot of smoke, we melted the snow, made it about a meter tall and 6 feet in diameter.

          1. Wow, that snow trip to Yosemite Falls sounded amazing. What a great challenge it must have been to build snow huts. I am very impressed! Did you really end up sleeping in them? Do you cook for yourselves while you are camping?
            My favorite place to camp is in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
            Ms. Halbert

          2. Yes we slept in them it was so cold I ended up staying in my snow gear the entire night and the next morning we took a hour and a half hike to the actual falls. cooking for ourselves is casually what happens so we usually just bring hamburgers. but on the Yosemite trip we go one of the scout masters there to make us scones. I wish I could say that i have been there but i unfortunately have not been able to as I live in California, what is your favorite thing to do there?

    1. Hi, Lucas
      Thanks for coming to look at my blog I am sorry you weren’t able to get your avatar the way you wanted it to and in all honesty my hair is a darker blond and my eyes are way darker blue. I like the way your blog is made it is nice maybe do more like what you do with your friends on the weekends

  2. Hi Justin, I’m Quinn I really like your avatar! What was the toy that the green couloir reminded you of? Hopefully you can come check out my blog at

  3. Hi again Justin!
    My favorite thing to do when in Cape Breton is hiking. There is an amazing hiking trail there where you start off going through woods (We saw moose!), then head towards the coastline (We heard coyotes and ate wild blueberries.). Next you climb up rocks and come to a high cliff along the Atlantic Ocean. (We saw whales breaching in the ocean!) The way back leads you through another stretch of woods. (We turned a corner and a moose was right in the path!) Needless to say, this was the most memorable hike of my life so far and I always encourage people to visit Cape Breton Island for this reason. Keep it in mind if your travels ever lead you to that part of the world.
    🙂 Ms. Halbert

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