For the week 6 projects, I chose tasks 3 and 4. I decided for task 4 to mess around and that was the result. Can you solve my emoji math? Post what you think the answer is in the comments.













What Makes A Quality Blog Post

When making a blog post you need to have some things in mind. Some of these things are your title the title is important it is what catches the reader’s attention and explains what the post will be about. Organizing your post is key to making it look and be understandable keep things in a sensible order do you tell a story from end to beginning? No I didn’t think so you should do the same with your blog it can get confusing and a reader might even quit reading your post. Pictures in your post might help spark your reader into reading more about your post and maybe try it themselves (P.s if it is something dangerous put a disclaimer). Proofread your post read it silently to yourself while mouthing the words it will help you catch grammar and comma mistakes and correct your punctuation. Be sure not to reveal to much about yourself just little details like what country you live in that keeps you safe and anonymous.

The German Immigration before the American Civil War

My teacher, Mrs. Richards, challenged us to find a scholarly article related to our blog I decided to find out about my ancestor’s immigration beyond what I already know. My ancestors immigrated to the Americas shortly before the American Civil War. My ancestors where just a few of thousands as about half of Germany’s population during the 1800’s immigrated to America. The Germans who immigrated to America were typically low income farmers or people who were trying to escape the riots that had been going on in Germany during this time period. Few countries other than the USA allowed German immigration. Where is your family from, where did they immigrate from, are you well connected to your origin country, and can you find out? If you choose to do so share it with me I would love to find out about your family’s origin.

I found all my information at http://www.ushistory.org/us/25f.asp

What Mountain Biking really is

Most people think that mountain biking is all huge jumps and speed, as true as that might be it is not always the case most of the time a single ride takes close to 1 to 3 hours of uphill and downhill. Downhill trails (which is the speed and huge jumps aspect of mountain biking along with what most of the YouTube videos show) and endurance (long hours of uphill and brief downhill reliefs) are the two major types of mountain biking most mountain biking stores show guys tearing up the dirt sending the stuff flying everywhere most guys who mountain bike rarely even learn to skid on dirt.

My Avatar

I created my avatar using cartoonify an online personal avatar creator which gives you the option of your head shape, eyebrows, eye color, and hair color. I feel that my avatar looks a lot like me  I have blond hair and blue eyes and I like the jacket I like the color green a lot because it reminds me of a toy I had when I was little.

About the Floerke’s


Hallo The Floerke’s are from Germany and during the American Civil War we migrated to Tecumseh Nebraska where we lived until my Grandpa Russ moved to California (where we have remained since) in the 1960’s